The Allender Center Podcast: Parenting in the Midst of a Pandemic

Parenting is always challenging…parenting in the midst of a pandemic is a whole different thing. I was privileged to get to speak with Dan Allender and Rachael Clinton Chen about the lessons and gifts available to us through this crazy time.

You can listen here, at the Allender Center Podcast.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of our conversation:

“There are broken parts in every one of us that need a good parent.” Dr. Dan Allender

“What do you think will be some of the lingering good in the midst of this season, for children and parents? Rachael Clinton Chen

“Parenting for me has been such a mirror to the ways that I know God accurately and the false narratives I have about God. All of us need to feel those arms around us and have someone say ‘you are loved’ and to know that is God’s heart towards us, too. It’s an important message to give to one another and to our children.” Meredith Dancause

“In the midst of madness and complexity, what has sustained you, and what hasn’t that you thought might?” Dr. Dan Allender

“Even in the midst of not accomplishing anything I still need a break, and God still has rest for me in that, and that I don’t need to do anything in those moments. That’s not the point. It’s to exist, to be. That’s something new for me that I need to extend to others as well.” Meredith Dancause