Equipping Parents

I always say, “Everything great you have ever heard about parenting is true! And everything terrible you have ever heard about parenting is also true!” There is nothing quite like being a parent that brings out both the best and the worst in you and your children, sometimes within a few seconds! The privilege and challenge of raising children to be responsible adults is not to be taken lightly, and we all need help along the way.

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Certified in Positive Discipline and with 20 years of pastoral experience, I take a win-win, Christ centered approach that focuses on mutual respect and working towards solutions together. Whether it is a challenge with dinnertime, backtalk, homework, sibling fighting, or irresponsibility — I can offer an encouraging and fun experience that will allow parents to start putting new skills into practice right away.

Parenting happens in real life, not in theory, so my classes center on specific and experiential content. We tackle real-life, everyday challenges and situations and have fun along the way. Learn how to be your best, and the unique strengths and weaknesses you bring to the table, so that your children can grow to be their best.

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