Empowering Marriages

Marriage is not always easy, and while it should be joyful after 10, 20, or 50 years (or days), so often it isn't. I've been married to my husband Steve for 17 years—and we still like each other! We love being married and we enjoy helping other couples learn how to do marriage better.

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The Church needs better marriages, because the world needs better marriages. Our passion is to help couples reconnect to how awesome marriage is, and give them the tools to make it last.

Steve is a pastor too, and writes books on the Trinity if you like that sort of thing. Together we offer fun and practical marriage workshops that build up marriages and help couples connect in whole new ways. From navigating different personality types to learning to fight fair, our workshops are sure to be a hit for couples of all ages. We take an honest approach and interactive style that helps put everyone at ease, and we offer a practical takeaway that couples can start using immediately.

Again – we think marriage is awesome!

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